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Information On Buying Auto Insurance

At the time of getting auto insurance, many people do not know the reasons for getting it. In order to clear up these doubts, it is important to remember that having an automobile is necessary since it is an obligation established by most traffic laws, and it is also convenient to protect the patrimony of the policyholder and/or the driver.

The principal aims of the acquisition of car insurance are to keep the policyholder or the driver protected from what he should owe to a third party as a consequence of the damages caused by the insured vehicle, or by the load that it transports in proper conditions. This will also include the facts which appear in the agreed term that may lead to civil responsibility at the expense of the driver. This type of insurance is indispensable for the indemnification of the vehicle because of fire, accidents, or theft.

Although there is a wide range of offers on the market, one of the issues that should be taken into consideration at the moment of choosing automobile insurance is the coverage. Commonly, the civil responsibility does not cover the damages to third parties, goods nor the claims for damages to third parties transported with profit motive. Regarding the different options of the possible risks that may be covered, some of them are the material damages (it covers the property damages that the vehicle suffers, which is assured as a result of accidents like scratches, crashes or collisions, and sometimes the ones that could be generated due to lock-outs or strikes.

In case of fire, the insurance covers the material damages as a result of explosions and direct or indirect contact with fire. Another advantage of the car insurance is the ability to be protected against theft or robbery of the car, as well as its original parts. The majority of the options available insure the car against robbery or the theft of its original parts, but does not cover the theft of the windshield wipers, fuel tank, mirrors, and other accessories that are included in the original equipment provided by the factory. Besides, it is also not allowed to insure stereos or any music equipment.

All the risks mentioned could be covered totally or partially. It is important to read carefully the clause that defines the total damages, since there are two modalities. The first one considers the partial damage if the value of the damaged unit overcomes 20 % of the value of sale in cash at the market where the car had been assured. If not, it would be considered total damage. For other entities, the total damage would be only when the damage reaches 80% of the cost of the vehicle at the moment of the accident.


What to Keep in your Car

When you drive a car, chances are that not every single road trip that you ever take is going to end well. While most of them will go off without an incident, chances are that at some point in your life you are going to be stranded temporarily and when that moment comes, you need to make sure that there are a number of devices that you keep in your car to help you get through it. Here are some suggestions to get your started along the road to being prepared for anything that might come your way.


Even in the warmest climates of the world there are cold nights. The tropical areas of the world in particular have people in them that are susceptible to cold weather and when your car breaks down, chances are that you might have to say in it overnight if you are in an area where emergency response time is lower than normal. During this period of staying outside in the cold weather, blankets can keep you warm and potentially save you from hypothermia.


At the same time that you are going to be in cold weather during the night, you might also find that you are on an area of road that is not well lit. There are many such roads in existence in the world today and the only way that you can fix the problem is to bring a flashlight with you. Flashlights are extremely inexpensive nowadays and can really help you out when you're in a jam.

First Aid Kit

If you or someone you know is in the car during an accident, then there is a chance that the person might get injured. While most automobile accidents are minor and do not result in any injuries, having a first aid kit on hand to treat injuries that might arise is something that can mean the difference between life and death. It costs you practically nothing to keep a first aid kit handy, just in case.

Air Pump

One of the most common road problems in today's world is a flat tire and an air pump can help you put air back into the tire. While an air pump can not fix a flat tire, it can at least temporarily put air back into it so that you can drive it to the closest repair station.

Membership Info for Auto Clubs

Emergency roadside assistance is one of the major benefits inherent to auto club membership, but if you really need it then you need to be able to prove that you are a member of that specific auto club. The best way to do this is to carry your membership information with you wherever you happen to go.

Method of Contact

You want to keep some sort of contact method in your car at all times. If you carry a cell phone, then that can be your method of contact. Alternatively, you can have a service installed in your car that allows you to communicate at the push of a button. Whatever method you use, having a way to contact someone if you are in a car accident is extremely important and should not be ignored.

Other Items

The above items that were mentioned constitute the things that you absolutely should have in your car in case anything does go wrong. However, other items such as recreational items are also a good idea depending on the people you normally ferry. Those items are however personal decisions as to whether you want them or not, while the items mentioned above are absolute must haves.


How To Properly Wax Your Car For The Best Possible Finish

Everyone wants and loves that awesome shine that is on every new car. A flawless look of perfection that is desirable to all. That look does not have to be only a car dealership finish but is one that can be acquired at home by you with just a little effort and patience and it does not have to be expensive either.

Ask around and find out which brand of waxing is best. See what others have used, do a bit of research online and make sure that you check out the Consumers website to see what consumers are ranking as the number one non abrasive car wax. Keep in mind that expensive car waxes do not always mean that they are the best.

You have to begin this procedure with a freshly washed car even if that means washing it more than once. It also must be completely dry before you begin. Typically, many may think that a nice sunny day is the best type of weather for waxing your car but actually the opposite is true. Not to say that you should decide to wax your car on a day where there is the threat of rain but the sun has a tendency to bake on the wax before you get a chance to rub it off. If it is a sunny day then just park your car in the shade for a while during waxing.

Most agree that a dampened sponge works best for the initial application of the wax. Taking a very small amount and beginning with one section of the car, rub in a continuous circular motion. Continue until the vehicle is covered with the wax, which should by now be dry. Then you will need a smooth cloth similar to a cloth baby diaper or cheesecloth and go back to where you originally began and using a moderate amount of pressure you want to rub the wax off in the opposite direction in which it was applied. Using small circles, you will buff the wax off. Make sure that you have a good supply of clean cloths to work with so that as you move along you are not reapplying existing wax from the cloth to the car again.

Once you are finished you should take another clean cloth and go back over the whole car again to avoid those nasty streaks that are nothing short of an eye sore. One of the most important things to remember is that the wax can not hang out on the car while you stop for lunch. In other words, this is a continual process from start to finish until it is complete. Once the wax has been on the car for an extended period of time it can actually damage the car's paint job. Aim to complete the entire process within a two hour window.

Afterwards, you will feel great about the job that you have completed and about how great your car looks. Even though the job is a bit time consuming and requires diligent effort, it is much less expensive and a better quality then to have it done professionally.


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